Never has it been more important to get back to providing good old fashion customer service. That’s why you need the First-Rate Customer Service Training Kit.
The Complete Performance Review Toolkit, 2nd Edition brings the BEST of today’s strategies, tools and training all together in one easy-access binder system.
This multimedia toolkit gives you know-how and training tools you can use immediately to foster a low-drama culture that motivates morale and productivity.
Here’s a no-fail way for you—and your entire staff—to learn easy essentials that make it easy to shine at business writing.
Are nitpicking and fault-finding common? Is “blame” the first reaction when things go wrong?

offers a wealth of resources that deliver effective management skills training, everything from multi-media toolkits, audio conferences and videos to online newsletters, interactive courses and online archives.

Upcoming Events

9/10/14 How Not to Sound Stupid at Work
In addition to avoiding costly mistakes, you’ll know how to write clear, compelling emails, memos and proposals that get results—and get you noticed.
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9/4/14 The Top 10 Things You Need to Know When Investigating Sexual Harassment Claims
All workplace investigations should be professional, but sexual harassment investigations require an additional level of delicacy. How do you pose potentially uncomfortable questions without causing your witness to shut down?
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8/19/14 Manpower Matching: Fitting the Right People to the Right Jobs
In this fast-paced webinar, you'll learn how to assess who employees and job candidates really are-and match them to perfect-fit jobs where they can shine.
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8/26/14 Problem Employees: The Top 7 Personalities That Disrupt the Workplace & How to Manage Them
Led by acclaimed author and HR expert Hunter Lott, you'll gain ready-to-use management strategies for ending the tyranny of difficult employees.
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8/14/14 Your Company's Employee Handbook: Risk Reduction and Policy Outlines
In this 90-minute webinar, an expert from the leading employment law firm of Jackson Lewis, helps take the guesswork out of what does—and doesn’t—belong in your handbook.
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8/6/14 Fending Off FLSA Retaliation Complaints: What Employers Need to Know
In this 90-minute webinar, attorney and Fair Labor Standards Act expert Shlomo Katz will show you how to reduce your exposure to costly FLSA retaliation lawsuits.
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